DIY Chevron Wall Project

DIY Chevron Wall Project

Want to know how to get this look?
Celebrity Painter Jim Connelly gives us the break down so you can achieve the trending look:
Chevron wall mural by Jim Connelly
Step 1: Make a Chevron template using cardboard making a three repeat image. An 18 inch in depth chevron was designed for the scale of our wall. Draw chevron template onto cardboard and cut out with a utility knife.


Step 2: Measure from ceiling the base line for first chevron, using a spirit level repeat four times.



Step 3: Tape off base lines to position chevron template on a straight line.


 Step 4: Measure center line on wall and trace the chevrons using a pencil working from left to right.

Step 5:Remove base line tape.

 Step 6: Tape off chevron image and use plastic spatula to smooth down the tape to good adhesion to wall.

Step 7: Using small roller, tray and paint apply thin coat of paint let dry and apply second coat.
Step 8: Remove blue tape.

Step 9: VOILA!

Thanks Jim!! For more information contact Jim @
(Paint by Para Paint)

Ceiling: JoJo Whitewash
Trim:  JoJo Whitewash
Walls: P-5164-34 Object of Desire
Accent Wall (ZigZag):  P-5164-44  Brunch with Friends
Zig Zag:  JoJo Whitewash
Happy Painting everyone!
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