Delta’s Smart Solutions!

Delta’s Smart Solutions!

Okay if you haven’t bought a touch faucet from Delta yet – you better go get one!!

I just love them. They are such a show stopper in any space and so user friendly when you’re cooking! I had the pleasure of using the product first in a clients home and then on my pilot for a new design show. They come in a few different colours and styles and all I can say is:

“how did I live without one before!”

Those who have issues with touching surfaces with your hands after working with meat, or if your hands are always covered in baking goods, this will be your best friend for sure! It just makes life that easier in the kitchen and who doesn’t need that. The technology is unbelievable, you can touch any spot on the faucet and it will work, at first I thought there would only be certain areas, but nope the entire unit has this smart technology built into it! I almost feel that we are in the space ages with this technology in the kitchen, living like the Jepsons! hehe

Well I really don’t have much to say but that I love it and I just wanted to

share it with all of you!
P.S: it helps conserve water too!! Stay Green!!

Until next time
w&c designer girl!

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