Meredith Heron!

Meredith Heron!

We were graced with Meredith Heron's presences when she visited my students at Humber College North Campus last week! Well what can I say about the principle designer at Meredith Heron Design, the HGTV's Restaurant Makeover extraodinaire, spokes person for design and a mother of a newborn, well what can't I say!! This spit fire of a women is ready to talk and spill the nitty-gitty of the industry and she will make sure the truth is told! The well known red headed out spoken designer, made sure she didn't sugar coat any aspect of the business when talking to my students about the business end of the design world. She definitely opened their eyes to the not so glamorous part of any career, the business back end. She spoke to them about getting jobs and be respectful to those that you are working with and beware of those clients that are just out to get free stuff. The business part of the industry is just as important as the creative side, and you must have a good balance of both. It was very enjoyable and engaging and of course a true pleasure!

Thank you Meredith for sharing your lunch hour with us! Also I loved your comment that "we made for the perfect hair candy cane" !!

Until next time,

w&c designer girl!

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