Breaking Small Space Rules!

Breaking Small Space Rules!

(As seen on Steven & Chris)

Living in a small space often means less is more and they seem to be the big thing these days. Baby-boomers are seeking simplicity in smaller, uncluttered spaces, and young up-and-comers want affordable living that's found in minimalist condos and lofts. It's safe to say that small spaces have become the new trend in homes. Jo Alcorn was on the Steven and Chris show to tackle small space living with her rules and how to break them.

"There are rules and guidelines out there for small spaces but rules are made to be broken, right!? When you break the rules and it is done right, the outcome can be spectacular!" - Jo Alcorn

1. De-Clutter your credit: Nick Olsen

HOW TO BREAK THIS RULE: Accessorize with style. Don't be afraid to put things on display. I love this room it is so colourful and packed with oversized accent pieces. Now the trick to being this bold is keep with your theme and carry it through, completely commit to it and it will come together like this image.

2. Choose lighter monochromatic colors to give the room a more open feel and to unify the credit: smallspacestyle.blogspot.comphoto credit:

HOW TO BREAK RULE: Be Bold! It's ok to pick a great vibrant colour to brighten your space but don't go overboard here. So here are two examples, one with a more subdued bold colour and one with a more playful colour scheme. Adding a touch of white where you can will help your room feel brighter when playing with a strong colours scheme.

3. Avoid patterned credit:

HOW TO BREAK RULE: Welcome Wallpaper. When used right as an accent wall, it can give your space a unique look and feel while adding some texture to your room. Play up an accent wall and have fun with it! in this picture they have a wall with mirrors on it as well, which helps bounce light and other areas of your space to give a larger feel to your room.

4. Reduce visual weight by using fewer, larger pieces of accessories and furniturephoto credit:

HOW TO BREAK RULE: Hang Big Pieces of art and source furniture that you love but just make sure it fits in your space and goes with the over all design scheme. Aim for furniture that's multifunctional. Go big or go home! Don't be afraid to make a statement and add pieces that clearly can't be missed when you enter the room.

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